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Volunteering in Namibia, Africa

Volunteer work at the Mammadù Center is an intense and engaging experience, encompassing various activities with children and adolescents. Special training is not necessary, only a strong will to help. Knowledge of English is useful as all the children speak it to some degree.

Thanks to the co-operation of our volunteers, we can provide constant presence and attention for the children under our care. The children always welcome the volunteers with joy, interest and participation and they are happy to share with them their daily experiences. Thanks to his/her own personality each volunteer brings his/her own life experience to the work at the center and as such contributes to stimulating the children’s curiosity, to widen their life vision and to facilitate building relationships.

The tasks assigned to the volunteers are:

  • playing with the children, possibly with educational games;
  • assisting the children with their homework and study assignments;
  • helping the staff with cooking, serving meals and completing the daily chores;
  • Upon their departure we deeply appreciate when unused medicines and old clothes are left behind.

When you leave, we greatly appreciate if you are willing to donate your unused medicines and/ or unnecessary clothes to us.


The volunteers are responsible for their own travel expenses, accommodation and health insurance. Information on the trip, accommodation and our health recommendations is available.


To enter Namibia as a volunteer, a passport valid for at least six months after the planned return date is required.


A working visa is required; the volunteer can obtain it by filling in the proper application forms – you can download the form from the website which must be sent to the Ministry for Home Affairs together with all the required documents. Mammadù Trust is available to facilitate the paperwork for processing.

To apply for the visa, send the following documents to Mammadù Trust by email:

  1. application form for the visa completed in all its parts and signed;
  2. certified copy of the passport;
  3. certified copy of one of the following documents: a certificate of study, a resumé, a letter of recommendation from an employer or a student ID card.

The fee for a visa is N$ 960 (Namibian dollars) and the time for processing is about two months; therefore, it is important to make arrangements well in advance.


To apply for volunteer work at Mammadù we request you to please fill in the volunteer application form (you can download it from the website) and send it to Please read the Code of Conduct carefully. Minors can participate only if accompanied by an adult.

Once the stay has ended, Mammadù Trust will issue the volunteer with a reference letter for the service rendered.

For further information, write to