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Mammadù Center

Our Center hosts under- age children who live in states of abandonment and deprivation (children of destitute parents, HIV positive, abusing alcohol, etc.) and provides a safe and welcoming place where they receive food, can study and play away from external dangers.

We welcome 63 children and adolescents in two daily shifts:

  • Pre-school children, between the age of 4 and 6 who attend from 7:30 am to 1 pm in the morning
  • Older children, up to 13 years of age, who attend from 1 pm to 5:30 pm in the afternoon.

The Center is open from Monday to Friday throughout the year and is closed during summer school holidays (mid-December to mid-January).

The children are part of the Distant Support project sponsored by Mammadu Trust and Mammadu ONLUS. The remote support project is also promoted by Mammadu Germany e.V.


Apart from providing the children with care and support, the activities of the Center benefit the children’s extended families (a number that varies from 6 to 8 members per family, which include other siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles).

The Ministry of Health and Social Services also uses the facilities at the Center to administer vaccines to the local community (minors and adults) as well as for other welfare activities.



Our most important objective is to provide for the children’s most basic needs so that they can grow into healthy individuals:

  • services to supply clean water and nutritional needs: breakfast, snack and lunch for the younger children, lunch and snack for the older ones;
  • hygiene and personal care: showers, dental hygiene, haircuts and clothing;
  • we teach them basic principles of health care;
  • we organize medical examinations and emergency medical care as required.


We provide instruction complementary to what is offered by the local education system so that the children can acquire a good level of education:

  • Mammadù Nursery School, officially accredited since June 2012, employs a Namibian teacher;
  • Basic literacy classes;
  • Study support and follow-up on school work;
  • English language classes (many children do not speak English when they arrive at the Center) to prevent widespread inter-ethnical racism and provide a potential working tool for their future (tourism is a leading economic drive in the country);
  • We cover tuition fees at a private school for children with potential and outstanding talent.


We offer a variety of activities:

  • Different games, important for the educational development of children;
  • Expressive game laboratories to help children elaborate on their life experiences which are often very difficult;
  • Sport activities such as rugby and soccer;
  • Once a month we organize trips to the city (for a rugby match, a museum or church visit, etc.) and during school holidays an outing (to the fire station, the airport, farms, etc.);
  • Once a year we organize a short vacation trip for the older children to different areas of Namibia, so they can get to know their home country. By broadening their experience we hope that the children may one day be able to use these to obtain employment and build a secure future for themselves.;

We have a minibus to take the children from school to the Center and from the Center back home.