Sa Catholic Schools Enterprise Agreement 2018

The SA Catholic Schools Enterprise Agreement 2018 is a significant development that affects the working conditions and salaries of teachers and support staff in Catholic schools in South Australia. It is the result of extensive negotiations between the Catholic Education Office and the relevant unions, and was finally approved by the Fair Work Commission in May 2019.

The new agreement covers over 5,000 employees across 103 Catholic schools in South Australia, and will be in effect until July 2021. It includes a range of changes and improvements to the previous agreement, aimed at addressing issues of fairness, workload, and recognition for staff members.

One of the key changes in the agreement is the introduction of new salary grids for teachers and support staff, which will see most employees receive a pay rise of around 2.5% per year. There are also provisions for additional salary increases for staff members who undertake further professional development, and for those who take on leadership or other special roles within their schools.

Another significant change is the inclusion of new provisions around workload management. The agreement includes a commitment to developing workload management policies and procedures in each school, as well as providing additional support for teachers who may be struggling with excessive workloads. This is seen as a critical step towards addressing the high levels of stress and burnout that many teachers experience.

The agreement also includes new provisions around parental leave, including an increase in the amount of paid leave available to staff members, and a commitment to providing support and flexibility for staff members who may need to take extended periods of leave.

Overall, the SA Catholic Schools Enterprise Agreement 2018 represents a significant step forward for the Catholic education sector in South Australia. It provides improved salaries and working conditions for staff members, while also recognizing the important contributions that teachers and support staff make to the education of students in Catholic schools.

For more information on the SA Catholic Schools Enterprise Agreement 2018, visit the Catholic Education South Australia website.

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