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Travel and Accomodation


There are no direct flights from Italy to the Windhoek Airport..

Air Namibia flies weekly from Frankfurt, Condor from Munich. Many low-cost flights from Italy to Frankfurt or Munich are available.

From Milan you can fly South African Airways and British Airways to Johannesburg and reach Windhoek on South African Airways o Air Namibia.

The roundtrip fare varies throughout the year; from May to June it is approximately 900 Euros, July and August 1400 Euros, September and October 1200 Euros. To save money it is advisable to book well in advance: you might spend a little over 700 Euros.

For further information, check websites like, eDreams, Jetcost, etc.


A wide variety of accommodations is available in Windhoek. Our volunteers suggest the following venues:

Kleines Heim


Gerda Schuler – do not speak Italian, you have to write it in English.


Typical local dishes are cereal-based while European cuisine is traditionally German with a wide range of meats and vegetables. You can find international cuisine in hotels and restaurants.

Food prices are really reasonable: dinner does not exceed 15 Euros.


English is the official language and German is widely spoken.


The currency is the Namibian dollar (N$).

Major credit cards are accepted and it is possible to withdraw cash at ATMs.

Major foreign currencies and travellers cheques can be exchanged in all the banks; exchange rates for travellers cheques are better than for personal cheques. Many hotels offer exchange services.


Hospitals, medical facilities and the availbility of medicines are good. It is advisable to get medical insurance which covers the return journey home if necessary.


The crime rate is not high and there is no serious risk if sensible precautions as the following are taken:

  1. avoid walking at night;
  2. do not leave your valuables unattended;
  3. carry little cash;
  4. leave all original documents (passport, plane ticket, etc.) in the hotel safe and carry photocopies.


Driving is on the left hand side of the road and you need an international driving license. If you rent a car we advise you to deal with the major car rental companies.

You cannot pay for gas with a credit card.


Windhoek, located on a plateau at an altitude of 1650 meters, enjoys a cool and rainy climate with heavy rainfall in December and January.

The austral winter – between May and October – is the driest season: daytime temperatures are between 15 and 25 degrees with a considerable temperature range between day and night (up to 0 degrees).

The temperatures are very hot between December and March.


The local time is+2 GMT, daylight savings time is observed from 1. April to 30. August


Public phones work with telephone cards on sale at hotels, shops and Telecom centers. Mobile phones are active on the GSM 900 and 1800 network.


Electric power is 220/230 V. Electric plugs are triple pole, an adaptor can be purchased locally.


During the austral summer, light clothes; during the winter, heavy items and anorak.


General emergency number: 10111