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Health Recomendations

Before leaving for Namibia we suggest a check-up by your physician and to address any dental problem. Upon returning home notify your physician in the event that you develop fever, diarrhoea or skin rash.

We remind you to attend to all preventive care well ahead of time, to take all your medication with you and we strongly suggest to get an insurance policy which covers expenses to return home in case of an emergency.


Typhoid fever and hepatitis A and B are endemic: to prevent them you need a vaccination and we strongly suggest to get a tetanus shot as well.

You run the risk of contracting malaria only in the northern rural regions (from November to June) and in the Kavango and Kunene rivers valley: if you plan to visit these areas we suggest malaria prevention prophylaxis.


Diarrhoeal diseases are frequent among the travellers who do not take appropriate precautions. Apart from typhoid fever and hepatitis caused by food, amoebas are quite common: in case of a slight diarrhoea drink plenty of fluids, in the more serious cases consult a doctor.

We strongly suggest to:

  1. eat freshly cooked foods exclusively and fresh fruit only if carefully washed and peeled (do not eat fruit that cannot be peeled);
  2. do not eat or drink anything you bought from peddlers, raw food, fresh milk products and ice;
  3. drink only bottled drinks;
  4. wash your hands before you eat and after you use the toilet.


HIV and Aids are widespread: absolutely avoid risky behaviour like touching potentially infected materials without taking appropriate precautions.


  1. drugs against fever, diarrhea and vomiting;
  2. broad-spectrum antibiotic;
  3. antibiotic eye drops;
  4. ddsinfectant of the urinary tract
  5. antihistamine for localized use for erythemas and bites;
  6. disinfectant for water;
  7. sunscreen ointment (high SPF) and anti-burn ointment;
  8. mosquito repellent and insecticide;
  9. patches, gauze, bandages and disinfectant solution;
  10. scissors, tweezers, thermometer and disposable syringes.