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The Staff

All personnel are qualified and motivated to assure that Mammadù Center is functioning properly.


The founder of the Mammadu project was born in Vienna and raised in Italy. After a long career as a business manager she decided to move to Namibia in September 2007, driven by the desire to take care of orphan children in need, giving them love and the opportunity for a better future.

Mami, as everyone calls her, coordinates the life of the Center and is there every single day.


Teacher Yolande (Yolande Hamauka Kairimuti) since 2016 is our teacher for pre-school.

Mother of a 4 year old child who is qualified as a pre-school teacher.

Yolande is a great improvement for Mammadu and for our small pre-school classes.


Meme Dina (Bernandina Ipumba) as she is called started working at the Center as a security guard, but she aimed to become part of our staff: since 2014 she is our cook and runs the kitchen.

Everybody loves the meals she prepares (she learned many Italian recipes from the volunteers, her pizza is phenomenal).


Meme Arisa (Luise Shivolo), who badly wanted to work for the Center, has become our handywoman since 2015 when the Center was expanded. She is the mother of one of our children and lives across the street from Mammadu; and even when she is not on duty she keeps an eye on everything from her home. She keeps Mammadu as clean as a whistle, puts away the toys, writing materials and books; she makes sure that the children wash their hands before the meals and brush their teeth afterwards, and helps them shower in the afternoon when they are all done with their homework, and she is always on the field to play with the boys and girls. Our volunteers love her because she agrees to do their hair in the local fashion, which she does very well.


The Center employs three local staff members; they are multilingual, they live and area and consequently know the area and the living conditions of the community well.

They are the only salaried members of the Mammadù staff working in Italy, Germany and in Namibia.


It is very important that the local community gets involved in the life of the Center: Mothers and other members of the community work together to get the meals ready and the daily chores done.

Three times a year the families come to help clean the grounds around the Center from weeds, rubble and alien vegetation.


Throughout the year our volunteers (there are always at least four of them) provide study and leisure time assistance.

In the morning they cuddle and play with the younger children and help with pre-school math and English homework. They help in the kitchen to prepare meals and do the dishes. In the afternoon they help the older kids with their homework and entertain them with various play activities.

They are an incentive to stimulate the children’s curiosity and relational skills.


An alarm service is connected directly to the Police Station: it operates the Center 24 hours a day, seven days a week.