2009 – 2012 SOS KINDERDORF Orphanage – Mammadu Rugby Team

Timelines: Mammadù History Categories: History 2009 – 2012 SOS KINDERDORF Orphanage – Mammadu Rugby Team

This is one of our most prized projects, active from 2009 to 2012: the girls and boys teams were made up of 30 boys and girls (from the 110 residents of the orphanage), age 10 to 12, often joined by other local boys and girls. The games took place every other Saturday and each season came to a close with a great award ceremony for the participants.
We secured the support from the Windhoek Western Suburbs Team that trained our players and invited us to all their home games. The Rugby Team still undergoes training and plays matches thanks to the support of Namibian volunteers who cherish this project which was started by Mammadù. The project was established thanks to the CUS Sport Center in Padova, Italy which donated the sports equipment and the Elle du Plessis School which makes the rugby field available to this day.