Volunteering in Africa with Mammadù

Volunteers in Namibia

The volunteer work is an intense and engaging experience: it envisages various activities with children in need and sharing the day with those who do not possess anything.

Thanks to the co-operation of numerous volunteers, we can provide children throughout the year with constant presence and attention.

The tasks assigned to the volunteers are:

  • play with children, possibly with educational games;
  • assist children with homework assignments and study;
  • help the staff with cooking, serving meals and daily duties.


The children always welcome the volunteers with interest and participation; their expressions of gratitude and their deep sense of dignity are striking.


The volunteers will spend the working experience at the Mammadù Shelter:


Our Volunteers

Many volunteers have given their time during 2012 and 2013: some came back from the previous years and showed, returning, a sincere affection to the children. We wish to thank those who, once back to their homes, stood out for initiative in organising fund-raising events and dedication in raising awareness about our project with family members, friends and colleagues.

We encourage volunteers with a thorough understanding of Mammadù projects to engage in fund-raising activities also internationally.


General Information

Travel and accommodation are at the volunteers’ expense. At present we can only provide our visitors with information about travel and accommodation, but no financial assistance.

We sometimes ask our visitors to bring items (such as notebooks, pencils, clothing, blankets, toys, etc.) for the children.

A working visa permit is required: the candidates can obtain it by filling the application form and sending it to the Ministry of Home Affairs and attaching:

  • a declaration, provided by us, certifying that the individual is a volunteer with Mammadù Trust;
  • one of the following documents: a certificate of study, a CV, a letter from employer or a copy of the ID student card;
  • Copy of Passport

The document handling fee is N$ 815 (Namibian dollar) and it can take up to 2 months for a Visa to be granted; it is therefore important to submit the documentation well in advance of the scheduled departure date.


The story of
Sophia, volunteer
in 2013