Namibian Orphanages

We worked with local orphanages with the goal of improving the children's prospects in the long term: many of our interventions aim to ensure the quality of the education the children receive. There is much evidence that indicates that a good education is one of the most effective ways to ensure the children's future success.


Hope Village Orphanage

Since 2009 we supply the dispensary infirmary with drugs donated by departing visitors as the orphanage is equipped with a small clinic. This help is greatly appreciated since medicines can be prohibitively expensive for an orphanage in Namibia.


SOS Kinderdorf Orphanage -> Mammadù Rugby Team

It is one of the projects we are most proud of and was active from 2009 to 2012.

The two teams included 30 boys and girls between the age of ten and twelve among the approximately 110 housed in the orphanage. Very often other children from the neighbourhood would join in for practice sessions.

Games were played every second Saturday and each season ended with an awards ceremony.

We got the support of the Windhoek professional team, the Western Suburbs, who coached our players and invited them to attend all their home games at no cost.

The two Rugby Teams still play games and train thanks to the initiative of local volunteers, who took to heart the project started by Mammadù.

The project was initiated thanks to help of the Sports Centre of the University of Padua (CUS di Padova), which provided all the sports equipment and Elle du Plessis School that keeps making the rugby field available to the children.


St. Andrew School

Coverage of school and after-school fees for 11 children.


Katatura Orphanage

It is the first orphanage we started to cooperate with. The orphanage houses more than 50 children.


  • We visited a local fair with roundabouts, seesaws and other playground facilities for children. It 'was a very fun trip and everyone was excited.
  • We financially supported a very talented boy attending dance classes.


  • Throughout the year we supplied the orphanage with food.
  • In April we collaborated in the extension of the old building roof to provide more space in the shade.
  • We provided chairs and tables for younger children: now they have a comfortable space where they can eat and study.
  • We set up various recreational activities, like embroidery classes and the making of beaded bracelets for girls.
  • In Easter we organised a treasure hunt, the local press wrote about.
  • In winter, we set up a collection of blankets.
  • We provided a transfer service for Sunday mass.
  • We brought small groups of children to a campsite in Sossusvlei (a salt and clay pan surrounded by high red dunes), where they played in the sand, and a trip (by plane) to the Etosha National Park. For them these are unforgettable experiences.


  • At Christmas each child was given a new pair of shoes.
  • We provided light fixtures for their accommodations.


July 2013